Now a days online money making has been a priority for many people.It starts with building a website or blog which is then filled with content,then the question arises from where we can make money,the answer is adsense.Adsense is googles pay per affiliate programme and it is based on advertisement of advertiser which will be placed on our website,whenever a visitor comes to the website and clicks on advertisement we make some dollar.Why googles pay per affiliate programme is so fondable to most webmaster,because of its easy set up and workability.

Content is very important for adsense,first of all website should have original content with vital information from visitors point of view.After completion of website posting then time comes,applying for adsense account,which will be processed within a couple of days,you have to place adsense code on your website and now advertisement live on your site.

The question is from where you will get traffic,answer is search engine.Now you have to know search engine optimisation so that your site will come on the front page of search result.Gererally making money through adsense is easy as compare to other form of pay per affiliate programme,it is genuine and appropriate for a new comer when the question of online money making comes.